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Acqua & Ink donates parts of our proceeds to environmental and social causes.

Acoana is an ngo we personally know which is committed with the indigenous community of Y'kwanas in the rain forest of Venezuela. Supporting them with our contribution of livelihood and schooling items has a double positive  impact keeping men away from illegal mining which also protects the rainforest trees and biodiversity as well as  promoting schooling in the small community. Acoana works in livelihood, health and conservation projects in the Orinoco River in Venezuela. 

We use our platform to voice our core values of inclusion and love for our planet.

If you'd like to contribute with the Y'kwana community please choose below any kit you would love to donate.


Would you like to donate  schooling kits - pencils made with recycled paper + recycled paper notebooks + colored pencils worth $25 


Would you like to donate livelihood kits: fishing hooks and mask $35 Or  fishing hooks+mask+ headlamp for night hunting as is Y'kawana tradition for $50

Photography credit: Mariapia Bevilacqua

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