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Gravitating around a culture of LOVE, Acqua & Ink cultivates the connection between people and nature, between elements and emotions, between love and dreams.

Acqua and Ink is an atelier focused on artistic and sustainable wedding stationery. Our work has a minimalistic approach yet still rich of delicate textures. Contrasts play an important role in the exquisite bespoke execution with ever changing result. Understated beauty aiming to evoke a feeling rooted in the power of the memory of love. We curate every detail to make of this a unique experience. Through your  paper we tell in subtle ways your story;  the result, a memorable and lasting keepsake of a unique moment of your life. Watercolor is our passion and we infuse  our work with soul. Branding for creatives and artisans is our strength. 

Our Mission: Acqua & Ink's mission is to shatter the barrier between artist and craftsman, placing crafts and fine arts at the same level, elevating design for everyday life while remaining sustainable and inclusive. 

Why choose Acqua & Ink?

We donate parts of our proceeds to environmental conservation and social causes

through, an NGO we personally know which is committed with the indigenous community of Y'kwanas in the rain forest of Venezuela. Supporting them with our contribution has a double positive  impact keeping men away from illegal mining which also protects the rainforest trees and biodiversity. Acoana works in Malaria, telemedicine, traditional art and biodiversity projects in the Y'kwana community. 


Acqua & Ink is a company not only conscious of our product and service but also of the sustainibility of our processes. We strictly avoid plastic in our design and packaging and we plant a tree after each project completion to offset our impact of paper usage. We also choose to use materials of sutainable sources such as cotton rag handmade paper made with recycled cotton

(a by-product of the textile industry).


We use our platform to voice our core values of inclusion and love for our planet.

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