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The Elements, an editorial that dives deep into the soul of our earth. A tale of nature's power and beauty, of  softness and nourishment, of symbiosis and connection,  driving force and strength, of matter and form, light and space. A homage to Nature and an acknowledgement of its power. 

Part I:  "Earth". 


Embracing the earthern inspiration and like in a dream, plants grow out of every corner evoking lush fertile realms. It is the respresentation of Nature's power winning an invisible battle, covering with wellbeing and relentless persistence all that it touches. 

A mise en scene of poetic earthern elements intertwined like it would in a forest teeming with organisms living in symbiosis, photographer Megan Kelly of Sir Ivory, Creative Director The Romance, Cake Artist Marina Machado, floral artist Fontana Floral and Stationery Designer Acqua & Ink brought to life  a dream of mankind living in harmony with Nature. Within the gallery of Arcos Villas, Sir Ivory, Shack Palace, Oak Lab Design completed the team to create a breathtaking installation of hope and beauty.


The paper concept was inspired by Acqua & Ink Collection Design "Terra" and  using natural pigments to evoke a tangible bidimensional  form representing mineral rocks and soil. 

Floral artists Fontana Floral approached the project as a complete "Set Deisgn"; an atmospheric and ambient embodiment of all the natural beauty that earth has to offer. 
Traditional standards  of 'floral design' were cast aside in favor of the raw beauty of the wilderness...natural ingredients were foraged from paddocks, gourmat mushroom farms, mangroves, hills, forests and fields. Mossy scenes sprawled across the ground, dirt mounds, dried shrubs and bracken ferns, intertwined to create depth and texture, and tall dramatic swamp grass towered above the table setting, forming a wondrous earthen-scape.

Every detail artfully placed, creating a series of visual stories and moments across the entire scene; playing  harmoniously together to create
'E A R T H'.



Megan Kelly Weddings 

The Romance

Marina Machado Cakes 

Sir Ivory 

Fontana Floral 

Acqua & Ink

Shack Palace 

Oaklab Design 



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