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At our Aqua & Ink studio we tailor every detail throughout our design process to evoke a vision of beauty and refinement for your special day. Textures, colors, flowers and inspiration come together to make of this a unique experience for you and your guests.

1 - Exploring your options 

We invite you to first explore our fine art wedding suite collection for inspiration. If you found a style you loved which aesthetics matches your vision for your big day let us know and we will guide you through. Please read the Process page carefully as well as our Questions/Answers and Policies sections before placing an order. Our suites are available in a variety of color palettes, feel free to inquire. 

2 - Ordering

Our design process starts once you order your suite of preference. Whether you are interested in a  Semi-Custom Suite or a Custom Suite you may fill out our questionnaire here and we will get back to you with more details. In the questionnaire you will be asked to choose your option of paper, printing methods as well as your embellishments and artwork preference. We can help you decide which one will best fit your style and budget. 

3 - Consultation

If your preference is a Custom Design and you have already sent us your questionnaire we will be in contact with you for our first design consultation, this is how we get to know you as a couple and gather all the information to personalize your suite and make it uniquely yours. If your preference is a Semi-Custom Suite we will send you your first layout proposal for revision. Semi-Custom projects have faster turnaround timings. 

4 - Concept and design board

Once we receive the questionnaire that gives us an idea of your story, your venue, family traditions, the flowers you'll use, your vision and other inspirations we will start working on the concept. If your preference is a Custom design then we will work on a design board to help us shape the concept and to be aligned with your vision for your wedding day. If you chose a Semi-Custom Design we do not work on concept but go directly to Step 5. 

5 - Design Proof

We will hence present to you the digital design proofs for you to check if the wording is correct and for any typo corrections. Once you have approved the design we will start crafting your suite. Because methods like letterpress and foil require time and an investment at this stage the design should not be modified. 

6 - Assembly

At this stage all the watercolor art and printing has been completed. We proceed to assemble your suite with the embellishments: silk ribbon, twine, seal wax, vellum. This design decision however will be agreed in Step 3. 

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